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Making support simpler

When life is busy enough

For many people providing support as those you care about age is tough.

We started Vita Nostra to make things easier, friendlier and to help you avoid costly mistakes.

We understand the challenges when loved ones can no longer manage everything for themselves.

We are here to assist you by providing solutions to help make your life run smoothly, whatever you situation. So you can provide great support while managing family commitments, work, social activities and community involvement.

Information, checklists and useful links

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Committed to Less Stress

The internet is packed full of information but how do you find what you are looking for at this time?

At Vita Nostra we help you make sense of it and find exactly what you need. We let you know what to expect, so you can plan ahead and find experts and suppliers who can help you.

Use the links at the top of the page to navigate the site to access what you need.

Personalised support

Hiking With Child

Exceeding Expectations

In response to requests, we now also provide workshops and 1:1 coaching.

The workshops explore several issues around being an attorney and in groups with others facing similar challenges.

Coaching provides friendly, non-judgmental and caring 1:1 guidance to help you explore your options and respond positively to the challenges ahead.

Products we found useful

Organic Garden

Sharing solutions

As you take on the role of supporting a loved one, you may find particular challenges that don’t seem very easy to solve around them living in their own homes, often alone, and maybe at some distance from you.

We found some invaluable items that have been life-savers (some of them literally!) which we wanted to share with you as they may be the solution to some of your challenges.


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